Linda Ann Farruggia

Registered Massage Therapist– RMT
Linda Ann Farruggia

Linda is originally from Hamilton, Ontario where she began her massage therapy career in April 2000. Upon completion of RMT training and receiving her diploma she started practicing alongside a chiropractor. During those few years, she was able to build a home based business. Craving more experience and a thirst for travel, she took the opportunity to work at Willow Stream Spa in Banff, AB. This is where she began extending her practice into more expansive modalities such as Hot Stone Massage and Thai Massage.

Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth and your heart for love

Over half of her career as an RMT has been as an Owner/Operator of a successful mobile practice in Calgary and Kelowna. Through the study and practice of CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation of the Abdomen, she has gained knowledge to help people in a gentle yet effective way. Using all the skills she’s learned, she’s really able to aid in the progress of peoples’ healing process. She finds it very rewarding and exciting when her her clients gain their mobility again! Although Linda treats with gentle care, she also is able to adapt to doing deep tissue work. She sees that combining techniques can be quite effective and useful to speed up healing.

Recently Linda has studied a new technique called CoAT (Course of Applied Tensegrity), no oil is used and it works directly on the fascia getting deep into the tissue to release and hydrate problematic areas. If you’ve experienced chronic issues that won’t release or keep reoccurring this is something that could really help resolve them. Curious? Feel free to ask Linda about any technique.

In her time away from work Linda feels the pull to be more connected to nature, to life and to herself. Having a deeper knowing allows her to broaden her abilities. Constantly growing while ever expanding, Linda is always on the go doing dance/stretch classes and meditating. As well as volunteering, and connecting with a strong spiritual community. Her new found hobby of stand up comedy keeps her busy creating more material and making people laugh or LAF (acronym for her name, as she calls her stage name 😉 She loves any opportunity for workshops that help develop strong leadership skills and brings her into a better state of presence. She enjoys road trips, hiking, camping, spending time with those dear to her heart, and developing strong friendships and deeper bonds.