George Yifu Qiu

massage technician

George Yifu Qiu

George, Yifu Qiu is skillful and passionate at helping patients to recover from a wide variety of conditions. Being a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), he strives to ensure every patient receives the best treatment.

His goals are: Help you to move better, sleep better and live better!

With years of experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tuina manipulation, George has studied advanced hands-on techniques in Massage College in Vancouver. Every unique therapeutic treatment he offers is designed to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Education and Training

Master degree of Physics, major in Medical Physics (University of Alberta)

Massage Therapy Diploma of Vancouver Career College

Student of Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine Program


Acute and Chronic Pain Management

Nerve Impingement

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), plantar fascitis, tennis elbow

TMJ (Jaw Pain, Clicking, Grinding)

Leg length discrepancy

Stress Relief, Energy improvement

Pricing & Rates

  • $150 for 60 minutes
  • $115 for 45 minutes
  • $80 for 30 minutes

Testimonial for George Yifu Qiu (RMT)


Testimonials for George Yifu Qiu (RMT)

Our older daughter had a high speed ski accident in Spring just before the pandemics. Since all the clinics were closed for months from March till June 2020, her injuries were left untreated which resulted in scoliosis. The extreme force of high speed skiing caused her spinal discs to bulge and the tissues in and around the areas also became discoloured. She was experiencing pain in her back and had very tight shoulders and hip for months. In fact, her ribcage became uneven and one hip was higher than the other.

Our older daughter received massage therapies with George Yifu Qiu in September 2020. We were impressed by George’s great knowledge and attentiveness. After her first couple treatments, the bulge became less obvious (about 50% reduction) and the colour in and around that area had lighten up (from purplish-pink to light pink). The massage treatments also helped to maximize the therapeutic benefit from her chiropractic session next day which greatly accelerated the process of her recovery. Thank you for all you have done. Since then older daughter has returned to Oxford University for her second year and is able to fully enjoy her student life there.




Pricing & Rates

$150 for 60 minutes

$115 for 45 minutes

$80 for 30 minutes

George-Yifu Qiu是BC省执牌注册按摩师(RMT),拥有多年综合医疗诊所的推拿/足疗/按摩治疗经验,也是即将毕业的中医/针灸学生。系统、深入地学习了人体肌肉,骨骼和神经等系统知识,熟悉各种跌打损伤,车祸康复,肌肉劳损/关节错位导致的颈肩腰腿疼痛的按摩医治,有效缓解神经压迫痛,失眠/焦虑/头痛,女性疼痛,下肢肿胀酸痛。根据病人具体情况,灵活运用RMT手法, 结合中医推拿/点穴,以及足部耳部反射区疗法,在注重安全的保守疗法里取得最大的疗效。对病人的关爱备至,有治疗各种疑难杂症心得,希望可以发挥我爱学习,喜欢专研的个性,尽快了解病症,查阅资料,探索出适用有效的办法帮助病人恢复健康!

职业宗旨:德爱人,智解症,体施治,美尔形神,劳吾筋骨. 追求效果:助您身强体健,行好,睡好,生活好!